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Japanese Knotweed 

Japanese knotweed, also known as Fallopia Japonica, is a real problem in many parts of the UK. As a company offering garden services in Stockport, Denton and Manchester, it’s an issue we’ve had to deal with again and again. 
Japanese knotweed spreads incredibly rapidly. And while the plant dies back to ground level in winter, in early summer it sends up bamboo-like stems from rhizomes deep underground. These shoots can grow to 2.1m (7ft) in height, suppressing all other plant growth in the area. 
Unlike other plants and weeds, Japanese knotweed is very difficult to remove. Eradicating the plant requires determination and perseverance as the plant doesn’t respond well to removal by hand or to Japanese knotweed treatment. Luckily, new legislation is being passed to help control the weed, giving homeowners hope that complete eradication will soon be possible. 
If you think Japanese knotweed is present on your site, acting quickly is essential if you’re going to control this invasive plant. We can perform a free assessment to determine if knotweed is present. If it is, we’ll book a full survey with a qualified knotweed surveyor so that we can discover the extent of the problem. This survey is often required by mortgage companies that have been asked to lend on the property. We’ll then create a knotweed management plan and implement Environment Agency guidelines. 
Japanese knotweed is a serious problem that requires professional expertise to put right. If you think you have this stubborn and invasive plant on your property, get in touch with Denton Garden Services and we’ll help you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 
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