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Residential Garden Maintenance 

Maintaining your garden takes time and energy. Your garden requires regular maintenance to keep it looking it's best. For some peole, their garden is an additional room to their house.  
Your Lawn need to be kept short, trees and hedges need to be kept under control and leaves, twigs and other debris need to be removed on a regular basis. 
Cutting grass, removing weeds, trimming hedges and removing fallen leaves are all year-round jobs. In some seasons, like spring and autumn, they can feel never ending. 
Often, the best way to effectively manage a your garden is to hire professional gardeners such as Denton Garden Services.  
A team with the right equipment and the right expertise will be able to tackle all essential tasks quickly and easily to leave your garden looking its very best that does'n cost the earth. 
Denton Garden Services has been offering garden maintenance in Manchester for years. This extensive experience and expertise ensure we’re able to take on projects of all shapes and sizes. We’ll be able to remove fallen leaves, cut grass and give your hedges a nice neat trim. Our team even has its very own ride-on lawn mower, allowing us to cut large areas of grass quickly and efficiently. 
When we take on a large and small garden maintenance jobs, there are several services we offer as standard. These include mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, leaf blowing and weeding. Carrying out these jobs on a regular basis will ensure your garden looks as clean and as tidy as possible. 
If you need any extra jobs taken care of in order to bring your garden up to scratch or to maintain the area, we can provide a separate quote for any work required. We offer rwesidential garden services in Manchester and the surrounding area including Denton, Stockport, Salford, Strettford, Ashton-Under-Lyme and more.  
With the expertise and equipment necessary to maintain large outdoor areas, our team can help you keep your outside space looking its best. Get in touch for a quote or to discuss your needs. 
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