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Tree Removal Manchester 

As Manchester gardening and tree surgeon specialists, we’re no stranger to the challenges that can be provided by the British weather, and we know the terrible impact it can have on the many wonderful gardens in our local area. From falling trees and other debris carried from elsewhere by powerful winds, a particularly potent storm can be devastating and turn your once beautiful garden into a disaster. 
That's where the gardening and tree surgery specialists at Denton Garden Services can help. Thanks to our expertise, we can remove any fallen trees, clear away stumps, and provide grounds maintenance, helping return your garden to its former glory. 

 Cost Of Tree Removal UK 

Tree removal cost in the UK can vary depending on the size of the tree and the works required to safely remove it from your property. In order to provide a transparent service with no hidden costs, we start every project with a free consultation, so you know exactly what works will be provided and what the tree removal price will be. 

 Has A Tree Fallen Or Been Damaged During A Storm? 

Strong winds can cause significant damage to trees, causing branches or even entire limbs to be split from the body of the tree and fall to the ground. This can create many serious safety hazards. Power lines can be hit by falling trees, the property can be smashed, leaving sharp debris in the surrounding area, and should the worst happen – people can be hit by falling trees. 
After the storm, the area itself remains dangerous, so it should be approached with caution. Any debris from the fallen tree and anything it came into contact with whilst falling can pose a significant safety risk to all those around. As such, removal should only be completed by experienced personnel. Never attempt tree removal by yourself; always consult a professional. 
What Should You Do When Strong Winds Fell A Tree? 
Strong winds can cause trees to be felled entirely, which can cause severe damage to anything and anyone in the nearby area. If a tree has fallen as a result of poor weather conditions, it’s of the utmost importance that an experienced tree surgeon removes the fallen tree as soon as possible. A fallen tree poses numerous safety risks, so it’s imperative that anyone without training remains a safe distance from both the tree itself and the remaining stump. 
Depending on the size of the tree in question, it may need to be cut into smaller, easier to manage pieces. Our team has the appropriate equipment to do this in a safe and controlled manner. 
Do You Need To Remove A Dead Tree? 
If there is a dead tree on your property, it's very important that it is removed by an experienced tree surgeon as quickly as possible. Dead trees attract pests and can spread diseases to nearby plants. Additionally, dead trees pose a significant risk with regards to falling branches or limbs, which can cause serious harm to nearby persons or property. 
However, even if the wind is not strong enough to directly uproot the tree, it can cause serious damage just by causing the tree to sway. As the trunk moves with the wind, the roots are pulled and stretched, disrupting soil contact, and reducing water absorption, which can result in future damage. 
So, if a tree on your property has fallen or suffered damage as a result of a storm, get in touch with our tree surgeons and request a consultation. We'll assess the damage and provide our expert opinion and a quotation for the services we recommend. If a tree has been damaged to the point where felling is recommended, we can provide both ground and sectional felling services, depending on the available space surrounding the tree. 
Ground Felling 
If there is sufficient space available to cut the tree from ground level, felling will be carried out by making calculated cuts from the ground, causing the tree to fall where it can be safely removed. 
Sectional Felling 
For trees that cannot be felled from ground level, our team will undertake sectional felling. This is a process where the tree is slowly dismantled by removing small pieces at a time in a controlled manner. 

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 Manchester Stump Removal 

If you have a stump on your property, either as a result of bad weather felling a tree, a tree being cut down or because of another reason entirely, it's very important that the stump is removed. If left in place, the tree stump could cause a wide range of problems in the future. If left intact, a tree stump can leech nutrients from the soil, taking the nutrition the rest of your garden needs to grow. On the other hand, if the tree stump is dead, the rotting stump can attract pests and spread diseases to your nearby plants, further emphasising the need for swift and effective removal. 
Removing the stump requires specialist equipment, including stump grinders, mattocks, and saws. Denton Garden Services has the expertise and skills to offer solutions to all your arboriculture needs, carrying out the job to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. This includes both tree removal and stump grinding. 

 Not Sure If Tree Removal Is The Right Choice? 

Tree removal is a very serious decision. If you’re concerned about overhanging branches posing a safety threat, or if you want to improve light conditions in your garden, you might be better suited with pruning or tree trimming services such as crown thinning, shaping, lifting, or lopping or pollarding. 
Remember, the Denton Garden Services team are here to help. We begin every service with a consultation, so if you’re unsure if garden tree removal services are required, our team will be happy to make professional recommendations regarding the tree and any safety concerns you may have. 
Improve Flow Of Light & Air 
If you're concerned about the amount of light in your garden, or the flow of air, the pruning technique crown thinning might be an appealing alternative to tree removal. Instead of removing the whole tree, the crown thinning process reduces the density of the tree without impacting the overall shape of the tree, allowing for more light and air to enter your garden, whilst still enjoying the natural beauty of your tree(s). 
Tree Preventing Access Below 
If a tree's growth has blocked access to a driveway or pavement, a crown lifting service can clear away the lower branches, which are impeding access, clearing the way for vehicles and people to move freely. 
Worried About Falling Branches Or Limbs 
If you're concerned about branches or limbs falling onto people or property but don't want to remove the entire tree, you might be able to tackle specifically the problem areas. During our consultation process, we’ll be able to investigate the risks and provide suggestions for how to remedy the situation. If smaller branches or shoots are the problem area, we can provide pollarding to control growth; however, if the issue is larger limbs, we can directly remove problem areas through a process known as lopping. 

 Tree Surgeons & Tree Removal Manchester; Denton Garden Services 

As tree surgeon specialists, Denton Garden Services can provide a complete service for tree removal, including felling, stump grinding, and removal of the tree. This ensures that any potential hazards created by tree felling are removed from your property. 
Whether it's a giant conifer tree reaching heights of a hundred metres tall or if it's an awkwardly positioned willow by the side of nearby water, our team have the skills, expertise, and equipment necessary to provide a high-quality tree removal service at an affordable and competitive price. 
Remember, tree surgery is dangerous; it requires specialist equipment and expertise. Whilst it may be tempting to attempt a bit of pruning yourself, we strongly advise that trees are only felled, removed, or maintained by responsible and experienced professional tree surgeons; this includes both hedges and shrubs. 

 Call Our Team To Make An Enquiry Today 

Our services are available for both domestic and commercial markets, so if you need to remove a dangerous fallen tree from your home or business premises, the Denton Garden Services team is on hand to help. We’re very passionate about our work and thoroughly dedicated to our customers, prioritising customer satisfaction; working closely with every client to ensure they’re 100% happy with the job we do. 
Call 0161 327 1431, say goodbye to your overgrown garden and say hello to the garden of your dreams. 
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