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Tree Surgery 

Tree Surgery requires fully qualified tree surgeons as well as specialist equipment. 
Our team has the expertise and skills to offer solutions to all your arboricultural needs. Whether you require tree removal, tree felling or stump grinding, Denton Garden Services will accommodate your needs as well as carrying out the job to the highest standard. 

 What Is Tree Surgery, How Much Does Tree Surgery Cost? 

Tree Surgery is the careful and precise removal of specific areas of a tree. This ranges from pruning to the removal of the entirety of the tree (also known as felling). There are numerous different reasons for tree surgery, including both cosmetic and safety. 
Our prices vary depending on the size of the tree and what works/equipment is required for the job. For more information regarding tree surgery prices, please don’t hesitate to contact our team by calling 0161 327 1431 and arrange a consultation. 
There are many different types of tree surgery; however, you can generally split them into three categories: pruning, stump removal, and felling. 
There are numerous different ways to prune a tree, depending on your desired results. This ranges from various different ways to perform tree surgery on the crown of the tree (the uppermost areas of the tree) and other techniques such as lopping or pollarding, the former removing specific limbs and the latter tackling branches. 
o Crown Thinning 
When thinning the crown, the density of the tree is reduced without impacting the overall shape or size of the tree. This is usually done to improve the flow of air or light through the tree. Ideal if you have a large tree that’s impacting the sunlight in your garden. 
This can also help trees grow healthier and physically stronger as crown thinning reduces the weight of each limb and branch. It's also worth considering crown thinning if you're concerned about adverse weather conditions, as the reduction in limb weight can be very beneficial in stormy weather. 
o Crown Shaping 
In contrast to crown thinning, which has little impact on the shape or size of the tree, crown shaping results in a significantly smaller tree. There are numerous reasons why this form of surgery might be necessary. For example, if a tree has been damaged by a storm and needs to be reshaped in order to correct balance issues. 
Additionally, crown shaping is also very useful if a tree is growing too large for its location, but you do not want to remove it, or if there is a potential safety concern; for example, you're concerned about tree branches coming into contact with or obstructing telephone lines. 
o Crown Lifting 
If the lower branches are impeding access below, for example, preventing cars from safely using a driveway or blocking pedestrians from the pavement, crown lifting might be the appropriate surgical approach to tackle the problem. Crown lifting removes the lowest branches from a tree, creating a clear area surrounding the tree trunk, allowing for easier access. 
o Tree Lopping 
Lopping involves removing specific limbs from a tree. This is typically done when a tree limb is damaged or dead. Additionally, it’s advisable to carry out tree lopping in the Autumn months as there is little to no growth or sap transport in the tree during this time of year. 
o Tree Pollarding 
Pollarding is the removal of small branches and shoots. This helps trees maintain good health and help to control growth, making it ideal for any trees that are in danger of outgrowing the allocated areas. 
Pollarding is an important part of tree maintenance, helping to keep the tree growing healthily and in a controlled manner. Depending on the species of the tree, pollarding can be carried out regularly, either once a year or every few years. 
Stump Removal 
If a tree has been cut down or has fallen due to bad weather, it’s very important that the stump is removed. If left in place, the tree could regrow, or the stump could cause a wide range of problems in the future. 
Removing the stump requires specialist equipment, including stump grinders, mattocks, and saws. Denton Garden Services has the expertise and skills to offer solutions to all your arboriculture needs, carrying out the job to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. 
Tree felling, also known as removal, involves cutting the tree down to ground level. This can be approached in one of two ways, ground felling or sectional felling. 
o Ground Felling 
If there is significant space surrounding the tree, felling can be carried out at ground level. This involves making calculated cuts from ground level, causing the tree to fall where it can be easily collected and removed. 
o Sectional Felling 
Also known as dismantling, this process involves removing small pieces of the tree at a time, removing them little by little in a controlled manner. This approach is usually chosen when space is restricted, and removing large sections could present a significant danger to people or property in the nearby vicinity. 
In some cases, a mixture of the two approaches of both ground and sectional felling can be appropriate. For example, if there is enough access and space to the tree, larger sections can be removed from the tree at a time. This hybrid approach is often used when there is a lot of space surrounding the tree but not enough for ground felling. 

 Surgery For Different Types Of Tree 

Depending on the species, different trees grow in different ways and, as such, require different care and maintenance. Our expert tree surgeons have the skills and experience required to provide top-class tree surgery on a wide range of different tree species, allowing you to have the garden of your dreams at a reasonable price. 
Oak Tree Surgery 
One of the most well-known trees in the whole of the United Kingdom, this tree can reach substantial heights, often reaching twenty metres and sometimes growing more than thirty. As such, if you have an oak tree on your property, it's important to keep it well maintained and regularly pruned by a professional. 
Oak tree canopies can quickly grow out of control, expanding and blocking light, which can be harmful to other plants in your garden. Additionally, branches can pose a significant safety risk; oak branches are prone to shedding. These heavy branches can cause serious damage to people or property below, so it's important to schedule regular maintenance with a tree surgeon to minimise the risk of damage or harm. 
Willow Tree Surgery 
Living up to 300 years, willows typically reach heights of ten metres. They are particularly tricky to prune as they bleed sap when they are actively growing. Additional challenges occur from the location in which willow trees typically grow. They are often found in areas near or around water, making it a challenge to safely provide tree surgery maintenance. 
With proper pruning and maintenance, willow trees will establish a healthy growth pattern, helping to prevent future damage in the years to come. 
Conifer Tree Surgery 
There are many types of conifer trees in the United Kingdom, including Douglas fir, Pine, and Yew. They often reach significant heights, sometimes as high as a hundred metres tall, possibly even more. With such staggering heights, it's important to keep the trees in good form and size. If a branch falls from a significant height, it could cause serious damage. Additionally, due to their extreme height and rapid growth, size control is important; otherwise, sunlight could be blocked, hindering the growth of other plants in your garden 

 Remember; Always Consult Professional Tree Surgery Companies 

Remember, tree surgery is dangerous. It requires specialist equipment and expertise. Whilst it may be tempting to attempt a bit of pruning yourself, we advise against this. One wrong cut could cause significant injury and disastrous damage to nearby property. 
Due to the serious safety risks involved, we strongly advise that trees are only maintained by responsible and experienced professional tree surgeons; this includes both hedges and shrubs 

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