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Tree Surgeons 

 Tree Surgeons Manchester 

Our experienced gardeners specialise in the clearance of overgrown gardens, including both commercial and residential property. We operate throughout Greater Manchester, with our key areas of interest being Denton, Stockport, and Salford. 

 How Much Do Tree Surgeons Charge? 

Each individual job will vary in price depending on the scope of the project and the works, tool requirements, and time it will take to complete. As such, to be as transparent as possible, we start every project with a free consultation so that we can understand what you want from your garden space and how we can help you achieve it. 
We place customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. That’s why there are no hidden fees or surprise charges with Denton Garden Services. We’ve earned our reputation as a team of hardworking gardeners and tree surgeons, and we’ll be delighted to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. 

 Tree Surgery Is Dangerous; Always Consult A Professional 

Tree surgery is a high-risk operation. If you do not have the proper skills, equipment, experience, and training, tree surgery can be very dangerous. One wrong cut could cause significant injury and disastrous damage to nearby property. Tree surgery requires extensive knowledge to perform safely, so whilst simple gardening jobs can be performed easily at home, it’s important that trees are always worked on by a professional; this includes hedges and shrubs, which should also only be approached by a trained tree surgeon. 

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 What Is Tree Surgery? What Services Can A Tree Surgeon Provide? 

There are numerous different tree surgeon services to choose from. During our free consultation, we'll discuss your project and the best ways to tackle the trees you need to remove. However, here is a quick summary of the different types of tree surgery to give you a rundown on what to expect during a consultation. 
Surgery Of The Crown 
There are numerous different ways we can tackle the upper part of the tree (known as the crown). Depending on your needs and the specific density and shape of the tree(s) in question, different techniques may be more applicable and appropriate for your circumstances. These include the following: 
o Crown Thinning 
Thinning the crown of a tree reduces the density of the tree without changing the overall shape and size. This is great for those who want to increase airflow and allow more light through the tree. It's also a great choice for those concerned about adverse weather conditions as crown thinning reduces the weight of each limb and branch, making the tree healthier and physically stronger. 
o Crown Reshaping 
When performing crown reshaping tree surgery, the tree is made significantly smaller due to extensive pruning. This is a common technique, especially if a tree has been damaged due to a storm and needs to be pruned in order to correct and rebalance a misshapen tree. 
It's also a very useful technique to prevent tree branches from coming into contact with or obstructing telephone lines. Additionally, you might consider crown reshaping if a tree is becoming too large for its location, but you either cannot or do not want to remove the tree. 
o Crown Lifting 
This technique is typically employed when a tree's lower branches are impeding access below, for example, a driveway or pavement. Crown lifting tree surgery will remove the lowest branches from a tree, allowing access for persons and vehicles underneath. 
Tree Lopping 
This process is often carried out during the Autumn months and is the direct removal of specific parts of the tree. For example, a tree limb may be broken, damaged, or dead. It’s advisable to carry out tree lopping in the Autumn, as there will be little to no growth or transport of sap in the tree during this time of year. 
Tree Pollarding 
This technique removes small branches and shoots. It’s ideal for trees that are in danger of growing past their allocated space. The purpose of pollarding is to help the tree maintain good health whilst controlling growth. This form of tree surgery can be carried out relatively regularly (once a year); however, depending on the species, such as Oak or Ash, it may only require maintenance every few years. 
Tree Felling 
Felling a tree involves removing a tree to ground level. Typically, this can be approached in one of two ways, depending on the amount of space available. If there is ample space surrounding the tree, surgery can be performed at ground level allowing for ground felling or felling of larger pieces. However, if space is restricted, the tree can be sectionally felled and dismantled by removing smaller pieces at a time. 
Stump Removal 
Stumps in the ground can cause a wide range of problems in the future. As such, it's always worthwhile speaking to a tree surgeon to remove any stumps remaining on your property after felling or damage due to poor weather. 

 Why Choose Denton Garden Services North-West Tree Surgeons? 

Tree surgery is a complex process, so it's of the utmost importance that you choose the tree surgeon that's right for you. So why should you choose the Denton Garden Services team of tree surgeons in Stockport? What makes our tree surgery services better than the competition? 
Denton Garden Services values each customer, working tirelessly to get every detail of your tree surgery just right. Family run, the business prioritises customer satisfaction and works closely with every client to ensure they’re 100% happy with the job we do. 
Our services are available for both domestic and commercial markets, so whether you need to tidy up your home's garden or if you need to remove a dangerous obstructive tree from your corporate premises, the Denton Garden Services team is on hand to help. 

 Denton Garden Services; Expert Manchester Tree Surgeons 

Remember, tree surgery should always be performed by an experienced professional. If you attempt felling or pruning yourself, falling branches might severely injure you or those nearby or cause significant damage to property. 
Operating in Denton, Stockport, Salford, and across Manchester, our team helps homeowners and businesses keep their gardens and outside spaces looking great. Call 0161 327 1431, say goodbye to your overgrown garden and say hello to the garden of your dreams. 
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