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Manchester Tree Surgeons 

 Manchester Tree Surgeons – Tree Surgery North West 

Our expert tree surgeons have the skills and experience required to provide top-class tree surgery on a wide range of different tree species, allowing you to have the garden of your dreams at a reasonable price. 
We operate throughout Greater Manchester, with our key areas of interest being Denton, Stockport, and Salford. Our services are available for both domestic and commercial markets, so whether you need to tidy up your home's garden or if you need to remove a dangerous obstructive tree from your business premises, the Denton Garden Services team is on hand to help. 
Our Manchester tree surgeons can provide the following services: 
Tree Removal 
Tree Felling 
Stump Grinding 

 Tree Surgery Manchester Prices: How Much Is Tree Surgery? 

For those concerned about our tree surgery cost, with Denton Garden Services, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges. As a part of our dedication to being as transparent as possible, we start every project with a free consultation so that we can understand exactly what you want from your garden and trees; and, more importantly, how we can help you achieve your goals. 
This is because each individual job will vary in price depending on the scope of the project and the works, tool requirements, and time it will take to complete. Family run, Denton Garden Services prioritises customer satisfaction and works closely with every client to ensure they’re 100% happy with the job we do. We’ve earned our reputation as a team of hardworking gardeners and tree surgeons, and we’ll be delighted to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. 

 Manchester Tree And Landscaping; What Species Grow In The Local Area? 

Different species of trees require different types of care and maintenance. The Denton Garden Services tree surgeons have the skills and expertise necessary to provide high-quality tree surgery on a variety of different species found on residential and commercial property throughout Greater Manchester. 
Manchester is home to a diverse variety of different tree species, including one named after the city. The Manchester Poplar is one of the most endangered native trees in Britain. Other species regularly found in the area include willows, birch, ash, chestnut, cherry, and oak. 
Willow Trees 
Willows typically reach heights of ten metres and can live up to 300 years. They present particularly difficult challenges with regard to pruning and maintenance. For example, when pruning, Willow Trees will bleed sap whilst they are actively growing. They’re also often found in areas near or around water, presenting a significant challenge regarding the physical location of the tree. 
Birch Trees 
This species often grows very deep roots; as such regular pruning is essential; otherwise, it can become exceptionally difficult to remove if it grows to be unmanageable or dangerous. This species will heavily bleed if they are pruned during winter, so it’s best to schedule any Birch Tree surgery during the summer or autumn months. 
Birch Trees also present another challenge with regard to tree surgery. There are numerous egg-laying insects that can infest trees through pruning wounds. This can result in disease and possibly the death of the tree. A skilled tree surgeon will be able to identify the most optimal time of year to perform pruning and maintenance in order to minimise the risk to your tree's health. 
Ash Trees 
Whilst they are native to North America, Ash Trees are found growing throughout greater Manchester. They are a very popular choice with regard to landscaping. However, they require regular pruning and maintenance in order to maintain a strong branch structure as they have what is known as “opposite branching structure”. This means that in order to maintain good balance, the tree requires opposing branch pruning. 
Ash Trees can grow as high as thirty-five metres and are slender by nature. This presents a significant challenge. Tall trees are very difficult to ground fell, as they require significant space to do so safely. However, due to their thin nature, it also makes sectional felling difficult. Felling Ash Trees requires the skills of expert tree surgeons, such as Denton Garden Services. 
Chestnut Trees 
Whilst this species is relatively slow-growing at just 1.2 meters per year, it's still important to maintain regular pruning. Balance is very important to the health of a Chestnut Tree; as such, it's very important that a tree surgeon removes any broken or diseased branches, as well as any that might affect balance due to a narrow-angle. 
Cherry Trees 
As one of Europe’s most common fruit-bearing trees, the Cherry Tree is a very common sight throughout England, and Manchester is no exception. This species can grow very quickly and can reach heights of ten metres. As such, regular pruning is essential to maintain a controlled, healthy, and well-balanced Cherry Tree. 
Oak Trees 
This species of tree is well-known throughout the UK and has some significant maintenance requirements. The canopy of an Oak Tree is very fast-growing and prone to shedding. This means that it can quickly get out of control, blocking light and presenting safety risks to people and property due to the very real risk of heavy Oak Tree branches falling. 

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 Tree Cutting Service Manchester; Always Consult A Professional 

It's of the utmost importance that tree surgery is only performed by trained and experienced professionals. Firstly, there are significant safety concerns; without proper training, one wrong cut could cause significant damage to people or property nearby. Due to the serious safety risks involved, we strongly advise that trees are only maintained by responsible and experienced professional tree surgeons; this includes both hedges and shrubs. 
Also, there are legal implications to consider. If the tree is on your property, you don't need permission to remove it; however, if it is subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) or if it is within a conservation area, special permission will need to be gained before the tree can be cut down. As experts in gardening, commercial ground works, and tree surgery, Denton Garden Services can provide advice with regard to tree removal during our consultation. 

 For Pruning & Tree Removal Manchester; Call Denton Garden Services 

Operating in Denton, Stockport, Salford, and across Manchester, our teams help homeowners and businesses to keep their gardens and outside spaces at their very best. Call 0161 327 1431, say goodbye to your overgrown garden and say hello to the garden of your dreams. 
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